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Kim Bond AnnounceKim Bond’s parents divorced when she was 1 year old requiring her to mature quickly and learn to be independent as her mother diligently worked to support her family.  This required independence motivated Kim to become rebellious toward life during her teen years.  Kim seemed to give up hope that there was anything good to life and lived for the moment.
The idea of there being a God or any thoughts of Jesus seemed too good to be true.  In Kim’s mind, the gospel had to be a fairy tale.  It was easier to accept a mindset of atheism than to accept that there is a God and that He loved her.
At a moment when Kim was not seeking God and in fact was ready to push Him away, God pursued and called her.
This was the start of Kim’s real life fairy tale that has rescued her from a lack of hope.

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Scott Holman is a husband, father, and an adopted son of God.
Scott is passionate about teaching and coaching others to help them grow to be the best they can be in Christ.

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