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Tricia Fry AnnounceTricia spent many years of her adult life living without hope.

In Godlike fashion, He directed her to a job in an insurance call center that allowed her to help pastors and missionaries in their time of crisis.  One special day, a pastor in crisis put his problems aside to ask about the state of Tricia’s soul and led her to the Cross.

The experience of hearing Christ followers deal with their problems gave Tricia the strength to deal with the many large issues thrown her way after her conversion.

God never gave up on Tricia and never stopped pursuing her.  She now lives daily with the mission to pray for and disciple others through their walk of faith.

About the author, Scott

Scott Holman is a husband, father, and an adopted son of God.
Scott is passionate about teaching and coaching others to help them grow to be the best they can be in Christ.

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