Chosen to Called with Thomas (TJ) Anslinger

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In the previous episode with Thomas (TJ) Anslinger we heard his story on how he came to have a personal relationship with Christ. Like TJ, many struggle with hearing God’s voice for their life’s direction.  TJ was called by God into a life of ministry and shares that journey with us on this episode.

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Tough to Tender – How God Changed A Young Man’s Heart with Thomas (TJ) Anslinger

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Beginning before Jr. High, Thomas (TJ) Anslinger’s life began spinning out of control.  Drug use, alcohol consumption, pornography, self-harm (aka – cutting), suicide attempt, and self-proclaimed atheist are some words that defined TJ’s youth. TJ is the profile that many Christians might cast aside and label “unreachable.” God knew different! Through the leading of the…

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