The Last Spiritual Jedi


Last night I watched the new Star Wars movie “The Last Jedi”  (Spoiler Alert – I do reference a few parts of the movie in this blog) As I watched it, I couldn’t help but notice the many spiritual correlations within the movie.  I’m not sure they are intended, but they were there.  The easiest…

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Finish The Race


This morning I learned about John Stephen Akhwari a former Tanzanian marathon runner.  He was an athlete in the 1968 Summer Olympics held in Mexico City.  While competing in his marathon race, the high altitudes of the city caused him to endure many obstacles.  He took a fall that dislocated a knee joint and impacted…

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Lessons From the Mattress Store


Unfortunately, the mattress I purchased a few years ago is not up to the task of providing a great nights sleep.  I can call it the Psalm 23 mattress as the middle sags and leads us right into the valley of the shadow of death each night.  You know it is bad when you have…

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Experience The Splendor

Solar Eclipse

I woke up this morning still thinking about the splendor of yesterday’s eclipse.  I was fortunate enough to live in the zone of totality and I cannot even begin to describe the true feelings or emotions felt when I experienced those two magnificent minutes of eclipse totality. I feel fortunate to have witnessed it.  Why,…

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Beware Of Labels


I recently read an old sales book called “How to Sell Anything to Anybody” by Joe Girard.  In his day, Girard was known as the world’s greatest salesman based on the number of automobiles he sold each year. There is a chapter in the book titled “The Mooch Is a Human Being” Back in the…

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