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Chosen to Called with Thomas (TJ) Anslinger

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In the previous episode with Thomas (TJ) Anslinger we heard his story on how he came to have a personal relationship with Christ. Like TJ, many struggle with hearing God’s voice for their life’s direction.  TJ was called by God into a life of ministry and shares that journey with us on this episode.

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Tough to Tender – How God Changed A Young Man’s Heart with Thomas (TJ) Anslinger

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Beginning before Jr. High, Thomas (TJ) Anslinger’s life began spinning out of control.  Drug use, alcohol consumption, pornography, self-harm (aka – cutting), suicide attempt, and self-proclaimed atheist are some words that defined TJ’s youth. TJ is the profile that many Christians might cast aside and label “unreachable.” God knew different! Through the leading of the…

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I’m Sure I’m Going To Heaven with Rich Craig

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Rich Craig was raised in a family structure that offered a wide range of beliefs and thoughts when it came to Christianity. As a young man, Rich desired to let Jesus have the wheel, well at least until he wanted to do his own thing and he would pull over and ask Jesus to get…

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From Crises to The Cross with Tricia Fry

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Tricia spent many years of her adult life living without hope. In Godlike fashion, He directed her to a job in an insurance call center that allowed her to help pastors and missionaries in their time of crisis.  One special day, a pastor in crisis put his problems aside to ask about the state of…

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The Last Spiritual Jedi


Last night I watched the new Star Wars movie “The Last Jedi”  (Spoiler Alert – I do reference a few parts of the movie in this blog) As I watched it, I couldn’t help but notice the many spiritual correlations within the movie.  I’m not sure they are intended, but they were there.  The easiest…

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