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The Man Of My Dreams with Alyssa Hunt

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Alyssa Hunt is an author living out her dreams with a strong relationship with God and a husband that treats her like a queen.  Like all of us, it took a journey to get here.  Although Alyssa was raised knowing faith and religion were important, her family did not actively practice this belief.  Her father…

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Here’s Your Sign with Marcus Thalmann

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Marcus Thalmann is one of the most successful sales people in the organization and industry he works within.  But, it has not always been this way… Struggling with deep bitterness due to hypocrisy within his home, Marcus set out on a journey to disprove God’s existence.  The journey led him to a valley of despair.…

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Seek And You Will Find with Brenda Hudspeth

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Episode 3 – Seek & You Shall Find with Brenda Hudspeth Brenda was raised in a home where religion and God were considered private.  Brenda found herself seeking God, but not knowing where or how to find God. Brenda found herself crying out for God on the beach one day and was answered shortly after.

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From Girls To Godliness with Scott Boyer

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Episode 2 – From Girls to Godliness with Scott Boyer Scott made an initial decision to follow Jesus Christ at the age of 15 with the help and urging of his aunt and her pastor.  As a young man, Scott allowed his passion for ladies to overpower his pursuit of God.  God kept calling and…

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Why Selling Jesus

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In this episode, show host, Scott Holman, explains the title “Selling Jesus” and what it all really means.

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